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W.C. Hepburn,Esq.,                                                                               London,Dec. 17, '77.
           Mark Lane, London, Eng.
  Dear Mr. Hepburn:---The Dunwoodie or Dinwoodie family come from Dumfries-shire, and as there is a Dinwoodie Green near Lockerble I am disposed to regard that as their headquarters. There is a Dinwoodie Hill in the Parish of Applegarth near Lochmaben 736 above the level of the sen. There is on it an ancient British Encampment. A farm adjoining is called Dinwoodie Mains. There can be no doubt that a search in the Parochial records of Applegarth, Lochmaben and Lockerble and in the Commissariat Records of Dumfries-shire would enable your friend to trace his lineage. James Dinwoodie of Whitehall Dumfries-shire possesses land in Kirkmahoe Parish to the extent of 237 acres. I cannot trace that the Dunwoodies bore arms. The first of the family, Alleyn Dinwithie, signed the Ragmans Roll. I find there is much about the family in Andersons Historical M.Ss. Members of the family settled in Glasgow & obtained respectable positions. A memoir of the family would prove interesting.

                                                                                                  Yours Faithfully,
                                                                                                  Charles Rogers