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                                                                                                     112, Thirlestane Road
                                                                                                     Edinburgh, 14th May, 1804

Dear Sir:--
  I duly received your letter of 11th inst. and will be glad to assist in the enquiry you suggested in regard to your ancestry in Scotland.
  Your surname is not very common, but I have often met with it in the records. It is a thoroughly Scotch name, and occurs both in the north and south, but chiefly in the latter.
   The charges are at the rate of eighteen pence per hour's work.
                                                                I am, Sir_Yours truly,
                                                                                                                       W. McLeod
Wm. H. Dunwoody, Esq.,
Minneapolis, Minn.

                                COPY OF SEARCHES MADE BY WALTER MCLEOD,
                                                   EDINBORO, SCOTLAND
                                                        Dec. 20, 1894.

                                            COMMISSIARIOT OF DUMFRIES.
                                               TESTAMENTS 1637-1790.

 Vol. 6.                        The Testament Dative and Inventory of the goods, etc., which pertained to
2 October, 1685        the deceased Thomas Dinwoody who died in April 1685, given up by 
                                  Bessie Hairies his relict in the name and behalf of John, William, Marie and
                                  Janet Dinwoodies, bairns lawful and only Executors Dative., decerned to the
                                  said deceased on 2nd October 1685.
                                  Free Gear...................................................................................f65-13-4.
                                  Deceased was owing to Jean Hairles, servant of fee f20. Item to David
                                  Dinwoody servant, f5.0.0. Confirmed 2 October 1685, cautioner, not
Vol. 12.                     The Testament Dative and Inventory of the goods etc., belonging to the
8 January 1743       deceased John Dinwoody in Auchendinninghead, who died in December
                                 last, given up by Mary Dinwoody, relict of the deceased, and Executrix
                                 Dative decerned to him qua relict on 6 January instant.
                                 Inventory and Debts.............................................................f147.19.6 1/2d.
                                 Confirmed 8 January 1743.
                                 Samuel Wells in Hyslebank and James Dinwoody in Cogrie are cautioners

                                                       COMMISSIARIOT OF GLASGOW.
                                                           TESTAMENTS 1650-1740

Vol. 48 Pg. 1           Elk to the Principal confirmed Testament of the deceased Robert Dinwiddie,
11 March 1719      merchant in Glasgow, of certain sums omitted forth thereof by Elizabeth
                               Cumming his relict, Executrix formerly and now again confirmed to the said
                               deceased: which sums were owing to the said deceased Robert Dinwiddie by
                               Colonel Mungo Levingston at the Bridge of Doun, conform to Bond of date
                               25 March 1699, said Mungo being therein designed portioner of Kirkton of
                               Killride. Confirmed 11th March 1719, James Paul, tanner in Glasgow is
Vol. 49 Pg. 216      Another Elk to the aforesaid Testament of the said deceased Robert
30 Nov. 1724        Dinwiddie, of f5.15/-sterling resting to him by George Cochran in Pettershill,
                              conform to his Bond dated 24 July 1699, to which the said Elizabeth
                              Cumming is confirmed Executrix on the said 30th November 1724, John
                              Dinwoodie, merchant in Glasgow, having become cautioner.
Vol. 49 Pg. 406     The Testament Testamentary and Inventory of the debts, etc. pertaining to the
29 June 1726       deceased John Dinwoodie, merchant in Glasgow sometime in Rapahanich
                              River in Virginia, who died in the city of Glasgow in the month of -------last, given
                              up by himself in so far as concerns the bequething of his effects and
                              nomination of his Executors, and given up partly by Robert and Laurence
                             Dinwoodie, merchants in Glasgow, brothers to the deceased, John Baird
                             merchant in Glasgow brother-in-law to him, and John Startk merchant in the
                             said burgh, Executors appointed by him conform to his Latter Will.
                            Contained in a Bill drawn by the deceased upon and accepted by Mathew
                            Dinwoodie, merchant in Glasgow, of date 22 June 1725. In his Will subscribed
                            by him at Glasgow the 24th February 1725, the deceased designs himself John
                            Dinwoodie of Hanover Parish, King George's County, Rapahanich River, in
                            Virginia and lately come from thence, where his family reside, to Glasgow, the
                            place of his nativity; Besides nominating as above, the said John Dinwoodie,
                            bequeaths in favor of Elizabeth and Jean Dinwoodie, his lawful daughters
                            procreate between him and Rose Mason his spouse, equally betwixt them, in
                            case of no other children to be procreate between him and his said spouse, his
                            whole effects, chattels, debts, etc. lands, estates, negroes, servants, etc.
                            belonging to him in Virginia of any other where, with the burden always of the
                            share of his means and estate falling by law to the said Rose Mason, his
                            spouse. The said Testator also wills, that whereas at his departure from Virginia
                            in September last, his said wife was with child, should the same be a male
                           child, in that case the one half of his said Estate is to go to said child and the
                           other half to his said daughters, but if a female child then the said estate to be
                           equally divided between his three daughters; also should the said John
                           Dinwoodie die before returning to Virginia, gives power to the said Executors
                           to sell his whole estate, negroes, etc. in Virginia, and ordains that his children be
                           brought over to Scotland, educated and brought up there; and requests his said
                           spouse to come with then; and in the event of all his said children deceasing
                           before the age of 21 years, in that case he leaves his said means and estate to
                           Mary, Sarah, Janet, and Christain Dinwoodie his sisters to be equally divided
                           amongst them.
                           Confirmed 29 June 1726, John Stark, John Baird, and Laurence Dinwoodie,
                           all merchants in Glasgow, are cautioners.
Vol. 52 Pg. 201   The Testament Dative and Inventory of the goods, etc. which pertained to the
1 Feb. 1737        deceased Laurence Dinwiddie, youngest merchant in Glasgow, who died on the
                            1st of November 1736, given up by Christian Crawford his relict, and Executrix
                            Dative decerned to him upon the 27th of November 1736.
                            Inventory and Debts............................................................f4900-13-4
                            The said Christain protested that her taking the office of Executrix qua relict to
                            her husband should be no prejudice to her of any claim she had against her
                            husband's means and estate in virtue of the Contract of Marriage passed
                            between them.
                            Confirmed 1st February 1737, Robert Simpson merchant in Glasgow is