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1. No website will be accepted that is not suitable for all ages. (This means no profanity or adult content) 2. Your website must have genealogy pertaining to the state of Missouri. Even if their is a connection in one name you may join. This webring is dedicated to research in Missouri so anyone doing research in the state of Missouri is eligible to join.

3. Your website may be under construction, but please have some valuable information on it, especially surnames you are researching.

4. The appropriate HTML code must be inserted on the website and fully functional before being added to the ring. It is obvious as a webring that we don't want any broken links to the ring.

5. Commercial sites pertaining to genealogy may be added to the ring, however the site must be open to the public. That means there is no membership required to your site.

Sites failing to abide by the Missouri Genealogy Webring will be removed subject to the Ringmasters discretion.